Sales, Financing, & Warranty Terms

Truth is, every situation is different. But, like other lenders, more down payment is always better. Larger down payments always help with approval and often help us to lower the regular payments. In short, ZOOM will always consider any down payment. Contact a ZOOM Associate and let them figure out a way to help! Oh, and it may help to know that trades (any condition) are treated the same as cash at ZOOM!

$500 to $900 is typical at delivery BUT folks have been able to drive away for less! Don’t wait for more down payment to contact us. If you need wheels now, call now!
Well, the payment amount is ultimately decided by a few things: the price of the car you choose and the amount of total down payment that you pay are among them. We typically approach payments with a keen understanding that they have to fit! We know better than to set payments too high because we want customers to be successful with their payments. The last factor is the length of the contract. This is the final variable at Zoom. We prefer to work with folks at a payment and down payment that is manageable, then consider the resulting loan term in making our decision.It is great to be the bank and have the flexibility that is often not possible elsewhere. It may help to remember that sales tax and our warranty is included with every payment. Do we need to say that again? The warranty and sales tax are included in payments. And remember, payments can get quite low when putting a larger down payment on an affordable car.

You pick and we try to make it happen! Naturally, the more expensive the vehicle that you choose, the more down payment that may be required at delivery to approve the loan. BUT, we want all ZOOM customers to drive away happy so we work hard to get them in the car that best suits their needs.
ZAF does not require either, but payday payments are preferred and recommended. Just let an Associate know what works best for you. We’ll always try!
You bet! On everything we finance. It is included! No additional charge! For 24 months or 24,000 miles! We love happy customers and exclamation marks!!! Get the details in writing when you visit. Ready to make an appointment?!

Qualification & Approval

The short answer is ‘yes’. Put it this way: if you did not get approved at ZOOM, it wouldn’t be because of these or any other past credit problems. ZOOM is far more interested in your current situation.

Management at ZOOM makes the financing decision, and fast! No waiting for a 3rd party in Timbuktu. Once an application is complete, we guarantee an answer in 15 minutes!
Not at this time. We prefer to meet our customers in person and complete the application in the office. Remember that our decision is NOT based on past credit. Plus, we guarantee an answer in 15 minutes so it all happens quickly at ZOOM. Hence the name.
Sure. We’ve financed customers with fixed income. Ready to make an appointment?!
We are FLEXIBLE, FLEXIBLE, FLEXIBLE! It is also important to note that we are FLEXIBLE! Just let us know what you can do and let us go to work figuring out a way to make it work! It’s what we do all day every day.


We do not sell vehicles like that. Never. Ever. We leave that to the other guys.
Generally 2004 and newer with mileage from 70K to 140K. You might find an exception from time to time but most are in this range.


Well, it’s an overall attitude and approach. Many dealerships will SAY they are fast, friendly, and flexible but how many put a 15-minute decision promise in writing?! How many offer total solutions for warranty and insurance? Just one visit and we know you will appreciate our upfront pricing, smiling faces, and great selection of clean cars! A visit to our social media page will reveal more about how we do business, plus the reviews at our Facebook page show how much we’re loved. Contact us to make an appointment or ZOOM on in to find your next vehicle!!!
From time to time, Zoom offers promotional down payments. These are typically a low down payment that would be the minimum required at delivery. Not all applicants qualify for the reduced down payment offers. The promotions are 100% legitimate and are designed to move inventory! Customers who are more likely to qualify for the low “at delivery” down payment are those who are repeat customers or have a trade to offer in addition to the cash down or who can promise (contractually) to pay additional down payment after delivery – often called deferred or irregular down payment. This additional money is considered down payment – just promised for later. Plus, we usually offer incentives at the time to anyone who can pay more than the promotional down payment on the day of delivery. There is no “one size fits all” here. We work with every customer and pride ourselves as being the most flexible around. Bottom line – please know that our promotions are quite real. Our FaceBook posts are real – actual customers buying real cars, often with very low down payments. Promotion or not, we urge those who need a car to come see us!!! Even when they are short on cash! We put FLEXIBLE on our sign in big letters for a reason!